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Arenaklinikken tilbyr XMRV-test i samarbeid med RedLabs, Belgia

For en tid tilbake ble jeg gjort oppmerksom på at Arenaklinikken som har avdelinger i Oslo, Flisa og Malaga tilbød XMRV testing. Da skrev jeg en mail til leder av klinikken og har i dag mottatt følgende svar fra daglig leder for BM laboratorier (svar i rødt):

Spørsmål: Hvilke metoder benytter dere i XMRV testing? (PCR, Co-culture, Serologi)

BMLab: Vi tilbyr PCR og serologi (IgG/IgM).

Spørsmål: Hvilke laboratorier benytter dere? Egne laboratorier eller eksterne i Norge eller utlandet?

BMLab: Utlandet, vi har eksklusivitetsavtale med Redlabs i Belgia.

Spørsmål: Hvor mange (ca) har dere testet og hva er resultatet av disse testene?

BMLab: Foreløpig bare noen få prøver rekvirert av leger, vi har ikke fått svarene tilbake enda.

Spørsmål: Hvilke pris er det for testene?

BMlab: Se vedlagte rekvisisjonskjema (XMRVc (PCR) Kr. 3 400, XMRVab (antistoff) Kr. 2 900)   

Spørsmål: Har dere samarbeid med andre laboratorier/klinikere med erfaring av XMRV-testing f.eks WPI eller RedLabs/Prof. De Meirleir?

BMLab: Redlabs

Spørsmål: Tilbyr dere en form for behandling for XMRV? I tilfelle hvilke?

BMLab: Vi leverer analysesvar, men er ikke involvert på behandlingssiden. Det må tas opp med den enkelt lege/klinikk som rekvirerer. 

BMLab ønsket at jeg skulle spesifisere at testen måtte rekvireres av lege!


Jeg har også fått svar fra Dr. Rolf Luneng i dag som skriver følgende:

“ingen beh.tilbud foreløpig. Vi holder på å se nærmere på dette, så vi kommer tilbake til dette senere.

Dr. Luneng”

RedLabs, Belgia er i gang med serology-testing på MLV-realterte retrovirus

Hentet fra RedLabs.com:

Tests currently offered at RED Laboratories

  • Co-culture

RED Laboratories has licensed the proprietary XMRV test from WP Biotechnologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Whittemore Peterson Institute. We use the co-culture procedure, where the sample to be tested is put in contact with an infection-sensitive cell line. XMRV is allowed to replicate in the cells for several days, resulting in significant amplification of viral titers. The amplified virus can then more easily be detected by PCR or Western Blot.

To perform this test we ask 3x 8 ml whole blood in Na-heparin tubes, 1x 2ml yellow cap tube and 2x 2ml whole blood in EDTA tubes. Specimens must be received within 48 hours at room temperature.

Cost of this test is 340€. This price includes the co-culture and a screen for other MLV-related viruses by direct PCR on whole blood.

  • Serology

RED Laboratories has made an agreement with VIPdx, Reno, Nevada, to offer serology testing. Samples will be collected in our laboratory and sent to VIPdx for analysis.

To perform this test we ask 1x serum separator tube (yellow cap).

Cost of this test is 219€. This price includes first processing of samples (serum separation), storing, shipping to the USA and reporting of results.

  • Detection of MLV-related viruses by PCR and sequencing

This test is based on the publication by Lo et al., who reported the detection of MLV-related sequences in the blood of CFS patients.

To perform this test we ask 1x 2ml whole blood in EDTA tube (purple cap).

Cost of this test is 108€. Note that it is included in the co-culture test, so you don’t have to order MLV screen if you already request co-culture.

We have the capacity to sequence the PCR products, however this is currently performed only for internal use (quality control, research projects). We may start routine sequencing in the future, if it appears that distinguishing the different virus variants is clinically important.”

Les mer HER

Ny info fra Prof. De Meirleir om Serology(antistoff)testen

Ref. tidligere post om kostnader ved Serology-test når den blir tilgjenglig på RedLabs, Belgia:

Ny informasjon fra Prof. De Meirleir:

“No it will be free for all those who already paid. ……..Free testing for all those tested in the past who were negative which includes antibodies and RT PCR for MLV’s (XMRV is not the only gammaretrovirus).”

Questions&Answers fra RedLabs ang XMRV-testing

Dette er svar (25.08.10) fra RedLabs på mine spørsmål om XMRV-testing:

Q: Prof. De Meirleir said to the norwegian patients that had their blood drawn (august) for his treatment study that they would be tested with culture, serology and western blot. Does this mean that you will postpone the testing of us until the serology is ready? Or would you use the culture now and serology when it is available without any aditional cost for the patients?

A:The samples will be tested for Culture + Western (panel). The serology test is not yet available and will be invoiced later (I cannot provide you with the current price; not available).


Q: The published study from FDA/NIH yesterday, showed that they did not find XMRV but a variants of the retrovirus named MLV. Will the tests (culture and serology) be able to detect all the variants of the virus or ONLY the XMRV?

A: The serology test will be able to detect all variants of the virus. It is confirmed.


Q: Will the positive patients produce the same type of anti-bodys to all the variants of the retrovirus so that the serology test will detect all the variants?

A: Yes, the same AB and the serology test will be able to detect them.


Q: Could there be a posibility that you have another variant of the virus and test negative on the XMRV culture and serology test?

A: It is possible in fact for culture.

05.07.10: Publisering fra Marc Fremont, Red Laboratories i Belgia ang. XMRV

01.06: Ny kunngjøring ang. XMRV-test for Europa

VIPdx annonserte i dag følgende:

VIP Dx received confirmation from representatives of the Whittemore Peterson Institute (WPI) that a multiplex serological assay to detect XMRV antibodies should be available for use within the next 30 days.”

For oss i Norge er det spesielt interessant å lese:

“Finally, in response to thousands of requests for testing, WP Biotechnologies(WPBio), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Whittemore Peterson Institute, finalized a non-exclusive license agreement with R.E.D. Laboratories N.V. of Belgium (R.E.D. Labs) to provide XMRV, testing of European patients. As part of this agreement, R.E.D. Labs will receive consulting services delivered by VIPDx to ensure the Belgium laboratory delivers the proprietary tests with the utmost accuracy. “This activity will help implement the delivery and execution ofXMRV, tests by virus culture for patients all across Europe, using the WPItechnology,” said Carli West Kinne, director of WPBio. “The European market is a significant part of our plan to move the work of the WPI forward on behalf of those who are ill.””

Les hele kunngjøringen HER

RedLabs, Belgia er klare for XMRV-testing om kort tid

Det virker som at RedLabs, Belgia endelig snart er klare for å begynne XMRV-testingen, både CPR, culture og serology med WPIs metoder.

Info hentet fra mail sendt fra RedLabs 23.02:

“We are working together with the WP institute who developed the test. We want to use the same technique as they do. It will still take a few weeks before their cell culture assay is set-up in our lab; but they’re developing a serology assay which could come faster. It does not depend on us so I cannot give you a precise date but as soon as some serology plates are ready we will try to get some, to perform the test in our lab. I hope that will be possible within two-three weeks.”

Test for XMRV-retrovirus er klar for utsending mandag!!

Testen for XMRV er klar for utsending fra VIPdx Labs (tidligere RedLabs) fra førstkommende mandag, i følge http://aboutmecfs.org. Vincent Lombardi som er ansvarlig for labratoriet,  var også hovedforfatter av publiseringen i Science. 

“At the Reno Conference Annette Whittemore evoked the possibility that the Institute was on the road to uncovering unusual drugs that would prove helpful and indeed the Institutes uncovery of similar immune system dysfunctions in ME/CFS patients and cancer patients opened the door to anti-cancer drugs. Now the discovery of a retrovirus opens the door to anti-retroviral drugs.  

Testing  - First comes testing for the virus. In her  Oct 23rd blog CFS Warrior reported that VIPdx Labs (formerly RedLabs) based in Reno, NV will start shipping out XMRV test kits on Monday, Oct 26th. Vincent Lombardi, the head of the lab, was the chief author of the XMRV paper published in Science.”

Les alt hos aboutmecfs.org her

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