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Anette Whittemores uttalelse om bruddet mellom Dr. Judy Mikovits og WPI

Den siste uken har vi kunnet lese mer eller mindre tablodiserte artikler om bruddet mellom Dr. Judy Mikovits og Whittemore Peterson Institute. Følgende er brev fra leder av instituttet, Anette Whittemore hentet fra deres Facebookside:

Dear Patients and Friends,

While I can’t speak for Judy I can tell you how I feel.  I feel terrible that our relationship is ending this way. It’s easy to understand why you might think of our separation as a divorce.  Judy has been with me since 2006 when we first began the institute. I hired Judy to work with me to help solve the problems that are affecting millions of people like yourself. You are now personally invested in the outcome, just as we are.    Judy has been a valuable member of a team that many of you have never met.   I have asked her to speak on behalf of the scientific efforts of this entire institute and she has done so with great enthusiasm.  In the course of her travels she has offered her hand to patients, in friendship and support, and for that we are all very thankful.   However, Judy had another important job to do as an employee of the WPI.   She knows that she, like everyone else at the institute, has to abide by a common set of rules that apply to one’s conduct.  Without those rules there would be anarchy and injustice in the work place.    Judy chose a course of action which I had to respond to.  I am deeply disappointed by her choices.   Now we have to move on.   As adults, we can chose to lash out with hatred against one another or try to make the best of a difficult situation and minimize the damage to the innocent bystanders like yourself.  You are part of a caring group of people who must feel awful about having to watch this public display of cruel mud slinging on the internet.  You are right though, it isn’t fair to anyone to be forced into taking sides.  I believe we have a better choice and that is to get along with each other and truly wish each other well.   Because you asked.  I will tell you how I am feeling about Judy leaving.  I’m sad for me for you and for Judy.  I will miss Judy’s friendly smile and her enthusiasm for the science. I have learned so much from her.   I will miss our discussions and our trips together to various conferences and meetings.  But I have a job to do.   As the leader of this institution I have to continue to do all I can to keep our team focused and moving forward; building on the progress that we have already made in science and advocacy.  I’m lucky that I am not alone in these important efforts.   WPI has a wonderful team of researchers, doctors and administrators who are working hard every day on your behalf.  They are dedicated and passionate about making a difference in some one else’s life.  Your lives. I hope that Judy will keep building, as well.  Just like a dear friend who is moving away, I  wish nothing but good things for Judy.  I hope that everyone will soon begin to understand that they do not have to take sides to care about either one of us, because in the end we all want the same thing; answers and healing.  I hope too, that before long, Judy will feel the same way. Thank you for caring, Annette”

Dr. Judy Mikovits og WPI skiller lag og anlegget er stengt ned

Hentet 03.10.11 fra Whittemore Petersons Institutes Facebookside:

“The Whittemore Peterson Institute is announcing the departure of Dr. Judy Mikovits from WPI. We wish to thank her for her previous work and commitment. The WPI remains committed to a comprehensive research program. Our research team and program remains active, and our lab open to authorized employees. We will continue the critical work of finding answers to M.E. and related diseases.We will use the opportunity created by the departure of Dr. Mikovits to do a full evaluation of our research lab and current research projects. WPI is dedicated to the highest standards in research and patient care, and to advocating for the patients, families and caregivers we exist to serve.”


Hentet fra X Rx:

“Breaking news. The entire WPI research program has been closed by the institute’s CEO, and the facility is now locked down. It’s former principle investigator, Dr. Judy Mikovits, is in active discussions concerning institutions to which she may move to continue her grant-funded research. The institutions must remain unidentified, for obvious reasons, but it’s important for patients to know that she remains committed to continuing this critical work.”

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Hentet fra The Wall Street Journal Health blog:

“In a letter from Whittemore Peterson President Annette Whittemore to Mikovits, which was reviewed by Health Blog, Mikovits was terminated after refusing Whittemore’s direct request that cell lines be turned over to another scientist at the institute who wanted to do research on them.

In a letter of response, Mikovits said that the cells were for use in a specific NIH-funded project and that it would be inappropriate to use them for another purpose without her knowledge and consent.

Mikovits is a principal investigator on an ongoing NIH-funded study that will test CFS patients and healthy controls for XMRV or related viruses, and she said that she plans to take her grant with her to a new institution where she wants to continue her work on CFS.”

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Artikkel fra News&analysis om konflikten rundt XMRV og ME

Les artikkelen på scribd.com HER

Intervju med Andrea Whittemore Goad

Intervju med Andrea hvor hun forteller om sin behandling og utvikling.

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Blogganbefaling: “En X-traordinær historie” fra De Bortgjemte

Det er stor forvirring i pasientmiljøet etter de nye negative XMRV-studiene som angivelig skal sette spikeren i kisten når det kommer til sammenhengen XMRV/MLV og ME. En god oppsummering over hvor vi er så langt på Jørgens blogg “De Bortgjemte”:

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Dr. Judy Mikovits foredrag på den pågående ME-konferansen i Kanada

Hentet fra X Rx:

“The intrepid Dr. Mikovits went up against Darth Vader today in Ottawa. In the face of incredible adversity, she took the heat. For us. And she points the way to the next step. Next Generation Sequencing. Here are her slides. Click each to enlarge. May the force be with her. Brava!”

Se slidsene fra presentasjonen HER

The Blood Working Group finner ingen sammenheng mellom XMRV/MLV og ME

Denne bloggposten vil bli løpende oppdatert med relevant info!

I desember 2009 ble det nedsatt en XMRV Blood Working Group for å kartlegge XMRV-situasjonen i Amerika. De har nå publisert sitt multilab-studie og kan ikke bekrefte sammenhengen mellom ME og XMRV/MLV. I dette studiet var det ni involverte laboratorier, sju av disse gjorde ingen funn av XMRV/MLV og to laboratoriene som tidligere også har påvist XMRV (WPI og NCI) endte opp med noen positive, men disse var inkonsekvente på de samme blodprøvene. De fant heller ikke flere XMRV/MLV positive i ME-syke enn i friske kontroller.


Hentet fra ScienceNews.org:

“There is no way of knowing how the plasmid got into those particular samples,” says Judy Mikovits of the Whittemore Peterson Institute and University of Nevada in Reno, a coauthor on the original and the new papers. She says that the two-thirds finding may be called into question. But even considering the contamination problem, Mikovits says that the team still has evidence of viral infection in chronic fatigue patients.

She cites several reasons that the recent multi-lab project may have not detected the XMRV virus: Virus loads may fluctuate over time in CSF patients, the virus could hide out in tissues other than blood and the amount of virus present may be too low to detect. What’s more, other viruses similar to XMRV may be to blame. She and her team are aggressively pursuing the question, she says.

Virologist Ian Lipkin of Columbia University, who was not involved in the studies, says that the case is not closed yet. He is leading another large collaborative effort to test for the presence of retroviruses, including XMRV, among different populations of people with and without chronic fatigue syndrome. “We don’t want to have to revisit this, and there’s a risk of that,” he says. He and his colleagues anticipate results by the end of 2011. “I don’t know what we’re going to find,” he says. “I have no horse in this race.””

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Hentet fra The New York Times:

“Of the nine labs that received blinded blood samples from 15 people previously reported to have been infected with M.L.V.’s and 15 healthy controls, only two reported finding evidence of the viruses in any of the samples. And the results from those two labs — which were the only two to find positive results in the original studies — contradicted not only each other this time, but some of their own earlier findings as well.

“These results indicate that current assays do not reproducibly detect XMRV/M.L.V. in blood samples and that blood donor screening is not warranted,” reported the study, written by researchers participating the Blood XMRV Scientific Working Group.

But the scientists also said they could not “definitively exclude” the possibility that levels of viral markers in the blood might fluctuate over time and become undetectable at certain periods.”

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Div. relevante linker:

Link til studiet publisert i Science HER

Link til Science omtale av de negative funnene HER 

Link til artikkel i ScineceNews HER 

Link til informasjon publisert fra National Institute of Health HER

Link til oppsummering av dagens XMRV-studier fra Research1ST HER

Link til artikkel fra Newscientist.com HER 


Torsdag ble også deler av det opprinnelige Lombardi et al. studiet trukket tilbake pga beviselig kontaminering hos et av de involverte laboratoriene:
Hentet fra sciencemag.org:

“In our 23 October 2009 Report, “Detection of an infectious retrovirus, XMRV, in blood cells of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome,” two of the coauthors, Silverman and Das Gupta, analyzed DNA samples from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) patients and healthy controls. A reexamination by Silverman and Das Gupta of the samples they used shows that some of the CFS peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) DNA preparations are contaminated with XMRV plasmid DNA.”

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Det er flere omfattende studier på gang bla. prosjektet ledet av Dr. Ian Lipkin. Det er forventet publisering rundt årsskifte og det er knyttet stor spenning til utfallet. Flere av ekspertene mener at man ikke kan konkludere før b.l.a dette resultatet foreligger.

Whittemore Peterson Institute vant 100.000 dollar

Etter at vi alle har stemt hver dag i flere uker for at Whittemore Peterson Institute skulle vinne forskningspenger, er det med stor glede at Vivint i kveld har overrakt instituttet en sjekk på 100.000 dollar :-)

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Video: Intervju med Dr. Vincent Lombardi som er Research Director hos WPI

Pasient Deborah Waroff intervjuer Dr Vincent Lombardi, Research Director hos WPI om immundysfunksjon hos ME pasienter.

Du kan se intervjuet HER

Video: Annette Whittemore, president for WPI, i intervju hos Nevada Newsmakers

Hentet fra XMRV Global Action:

“Annette Whittemore discusses with Sam Shad of Nevada Newsmakers, discussing the new ME consensus, the new medical practice being established, success that patients already have. That is just a small synopsis. Worth watching, as always!”

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